Post Harvest

If you’ve got a Kiwifruit orchard in the Auckland region, Northland, the Waikato or beyond you simply won’t find a better packhouse or team to work with. Benefits of packing with Apac include;

  • Our packhouse operates a four lane Compac grader with the capacity to pack up to 4,000 trays an hour.
  • Our up- and- over bin dump can tip up to 40 bins an hour and is the gentlest option for your fruit.
  • We have four large CA rooms for both GA and HW to increase the amount of fruit we can pack each season.
  • Growers are compensated for weight loss.
  • Our team can coordinate your harvest for you, with supply of teams and machinery to help make things much easier for you.
  • Our on-site lab enables testing for dry matter, fruit pressure, brix, pests, and colour.
  • We have an automatic strapping machine to ensures all pallets are ready and well presented.


Billy McNaughton

027 358 8200

Client Services

We have a team of dedicated grower liaisons who look after Apac growers from Te Kauwhata up to Kerikeri and everywhere In between. Our job is to be your advocate. Face-to-face communication is important to us and we look forward to getting to know you both personally and professionally.

  • We’ll manage your relationship with the packhouse and look out for your best interests, ensuring you and your crop have a smooth ride during harvest.
  • We carry out on-orchard harvest audits for you; will let you know when your fruit is being packed; will give you a personal tour of our packhouse in action; and will immediately report back as to what your pack out was so you’re always in the loop.
  • If any on-orchard issues arise or you need advice, you can call us anytime. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we’ll find out for you.
  • We interpret and de-mystify industry compliance rules, communications and any industry-wide issues. Growers often have questions around maturity testing, clearance criteria, OGR forecasts and grower payment documentation. Ask us anything and we’ll answer in plain English.

To help you decide whether Apac is right for you, we’re happy to provide a free ‘direct competitor analysis’ so you can see how your current situation compares to our offering.


Enrique Bautista

Client Services Manager

M: 027 427 8116

Michael Schwed

Grower Liaison Apac Northland

M: 027 839 7883

John Gray

GroPlus Operations Manager

M: 021 520 935

Orchard Management

GroPlus offers comprehensive orchard management services and is a subsidiary company of Mpac.

Artificial Pollination

PollenPlus is a leading provider of high viability male kiwifruit pollen and pollen application services including QuadDuster and handheld blow-on systems. PollenPlus also provides PollenAssist – a trusted necessity for wet application. PollenPlus is a subsidiary company of Mpac offering artificial pollination services to the industry.

MPAC quality control

Laboratory Services

Apac can provide a range of sampling and monitoring services including:

  • KiwiGreen monitoring
  • Psa monitoring
  • Crop estimation

For more information on any of these services please contact us.

Kiwigreen Monitoring

Our Kiwigreen team monitors orchards over the summer months for pests and diseases; predominantly counting leafroller and scale. New Zealand kiwifruit growers must follow stringent International Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) procedures which state they may only use certain sprays such as insecticides over summer in response to significant kiwigreen pest and disease monitoring results. Our Kiwigreen Monitoring service begins in December each year and is available to all growers.